Parents Maligned by the Pasco County School District

When I found out a year ago that the Pasco County School District was participating in, and some would even claim “Promoting”, the sexualization of our children, I WAS SHOCKED! As I investigated and searched for answers I continually found out more and more disturbing information. What is a parent to do in the situation I found myself in? My heart cried out for the children who are impressionable and innocent. My heart cried out for the parents who were just like me; naïve, ignorant of these new procedures, and busy.

As busy parents we put our faith in the school district to notify us of important changes to policy and procedures.

We trust them to give us the opportunity to opt out of curriculum/lessons that may go beyond what we believe is best for our children. When I realized not only was this NOT the case, but parents were being intentionally kept in the dark, I had to do SOMETHING.

We set out to inform EVERY PARENT in Pasco County because they deserve to know.

As I began to expose what the District was doing behind our backs they didn’t fess up. Instead they have maligned our efforts and slandered us as we strive to inform our fellow parents.

Here’s a list of how the Pasco School District has misled parents regarding what we have exposed:

    Superintendent Browning has repeatedly stated that the website is, “riddled with misinformation, outdated information and, quite honestly, misleading information.”
    THE TRUTH: is the website we have put together to help inform parents of the dangerous and misleading procedures that have taken place. Everything on the website is documented, up-to-date, and true.
    Superintendent Browning denies the two eyewitness reports by Chasco Middle School PE teacher’s regarding an incident when a male teacher refused to monitor a girl “dressing out” while sharing the locker room with boys.
    “No teacher was threatened with losing his job,” Browning stressed. “No boys ran out of the Chasco locker room screaming that a girl was in there. No one is trying to take parental rights away.”
    The above statement is misleading and denies the testimonies of these two teachers. The incident was allowed to take place without parental notification or even simply notifying the boys beforehand. The male PE teacher
    refused to monitor the young girl “dress out” and therefore his job was threatened. See what the PE teachers told us here:
    Read the District email chain that proves the male PE teacher’s job was threatened here:
    Superintendent Browning continues to tell the public that, “It has never been my intent to keep parents in the dark.”
    Browning told me personally that it was “his decision” to withhold information from parents regarding their children’s gender identity. He has decided to let the child decide if and when their parents will know that they’ve changed their gender identity at school. He continues to cite FERPA as giving him and District staff the authorization to withhold the information from students’ parents. This is another lie. See the Liberty Counsel’s FERPA memo here:
    He was also the one who implemented the original 71 page “Best Practices” Guide that repeatedly violated Parental Rights. See that Guide here:
    – See pages 41, 43, 44, 46 for some examples.
    Superintendent Browning stood up in front of the West Pasco Republican Club on September 21, 2019 and told everyone that he had no choice, he had to let males identifying as females join female athletic teams “Per the FHSAA Guidelines”.
    See the CSE guidelines Browning has implemented allowing boys to compete as “girls”:
    In the 2018-2019 FHSAA Handbook it clearly states under 2.7 NONDISCRIMINATION AND DIVERSITY that “Each school is responsible to determine independently its own policies regarding nondiscrimination and diversity.” See page 7 of the guide here:

    So why doesn’t Kurt Browning just tell us it was HIS decision and he DID have a choice?

I could continue on this path with all the ways Superintendent Browning is misleading us and playing politician instead of being honest with Pasco parents who are his constituents. Browning recently stated to the Tampa Bay Times regarding our “Protect Pasco Children” efforts:

“The group is welcome to make its position known,” he said, adding, “the only thing I ask is that you talk facts and you know what the facts are.”

Mr. Browning, we KNOW what the facts are and SO DO YOU. We have plenty of proof.

All we are asking for is TRANSPARENCY. Let us know what you are deciding to do with our children.

  1. Let us know when you’ve decided to force our son’s and daughter’s to share private facilities.
  2. Let us know when our sons and daughters are going to be forced to dress and shower in front of the opposite sex.
  3. Let us know when you want to teach 11 year olds they can be born in the wrong body and all the different sexual orientations they have to choose from. This way we can opt them out if we choose to do so.
  4. Let us know when our children are struggling with their “Gender Identity” so we can help them and assist them. Don’t hide their NEW pronouns and NEW names from us.
  5. Let us know when our child wants to attend a Sexuality Club after school. Give us the option to investigate and be part of these vitally important decisions that have a dramatic impact on our children’s futures.

“I am a Christian man. I go to Idlewild Baptist Church every Sunday,” Browning said. “But I am also superintendent of Pasco County schools, and I have a huge responsibility to protect the safety of every child … whether I agree with their lifestyle or not.”

Are these policies really protecting EVERY child? Is lying, misleading, and keeping a child’s parents in the dark keeping them safe?
Common sense says, “No, these procedures are not protecting ANY children.”

To learn more about what Pasco Schools are doing behind your back visit Tell Pasco School Board members to stand up and protect our children and our Parental Rights!

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Standing Up for Parental Rights in Pasco Schools.

It’s never easy to take the first step when you see injustice, especially when you know that you are about to step out into waters that are full of adversaries. One thing that makes those first steps easier is knowing that you are standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves–the Children.

Parents, Pasco Schools are Hiding Information from You!

“Respect their privacy and refrain from talking to anyone else about the student–including their parent(s).”
Pg 41 Pasco County Schools LGBTQ “Best Practices” Guide

“Staff members are also encouraged to speak with students on how they would like to be addressed in conferences or in communications home and not assume the parents/caregivers know and support the student’s gender identity/expression.”

Pg 43-44 Pasco County Schools LGBTQ “Best Practices” Guide

When we saw that parents were being cut out of major decisions regarding their own children by the Pasco County School District (PCSD) we were shocked and could not remain silent. With over 85 separate studies proving that parental involvement produces higher grades and test scores, better school attendance and homework completion rates, improved social skills and behavior, higher self-esteem and confidence, higher graduation rates and advancement to post-secondary education – why would the PCSD cut parents out?

Protect Pasco Children was born.

Getting a message out to your fellow parents isn’t easy, especially when it’s a message that the Pasco County School District (PCSD) doesn’t want you to share. Being the largest employer in Pasco County and led by elected officials, the PCSD has a lot of power; power over their teachers and staff, their students, and parents. PCSD agrees that they have the ability to pick and choose which parents deserve to be involved in their child’s choices regarding gender and sexuality and which parents don’t. They are ignoring the fact that this is a violation of our Parental Rights and puts all of our children in danger!

So we created a website to inform our fellow parents:

Our Mission to Inform Every Parent in Pasco

Getting this vital information to our fellow parents is our mission. We believe that each parent deserves to know what is happening, they need the details and documented proof so they can make an educated decision regarding these issues. School districts should NEVER keep parents in the dark and we are here to bring light to the situation.

This is Why We Created:

  • A website with all the information that a parent will need to educate themselves regarding this issue.
  • A Social Media presence: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help spread the word, draw people to the website, and keep parents updated regarding our progress.
  • Organized Town Hall Meetings to share our stories and ask Pasco citizens to join the cause.
  • Demonstrations with signs and flyers at events where parents will be.
  • A presence at every Pasco County School Board Meeting.
  • Protect Pasco Children (PPC) Merchandise: T-Shirts, Car Decals, Flyers, Posters, Business Cards, and Yard Signs.

Our Adversaries Don’t Understand

I said at the beginning that it is hard to step out into waters that are full of adversaries and here is why I said that: the procedures that keep parents in the dark involve children who identify as part of the acronym LGBTQ+ and therefore, if a child says his or her parents won’t be accepting, then those parent don’t get to know about their child’s struggles. Protect Pasco Children has come under attack for standing up for the Parental Rights of the parents of children who identify as LGBTQ. We have been called horrible things to attempt to silence us. Those who support cutting parents out accuse Protect Pasco Children of being a hate group full of bigots who are putting children who identify as LGBTQ in danger from their own parents. They claim that parents will abuse and/or kill their children if they are notified that their child is identifying as LGBTQ.

We ardently disagree with this viewpoint and stand in the truth that parents know best. It is wrong to keep any parents in the dark regarding their own children. In addition, these guidelines put the child in danger as they are expected to navigate sexuality without their parents’ love and guidance. These children are then referred to outsiders, strangers their parents do not know, who have not been vetted by the PCSD, and who do not have the invested love and compassion that only a parent or caregiver can provide. These procedures also promote lying and distrust within that family unit.

Why Sexualize Children?

Pasco County schools now offer LGBQ+ Clubs that children as young as 11 can join at school without the parent’s knowledge or consent. They have guidelines that instruct staff not to share information with a child’s parent or guardian and not to encourage the student to “come out to their parents” (Page 21 & 43 of the LGBTQ Best Practices Guide) . They are promoting Gender Affirmation Therapy that conditions children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. PCSD does this by changing a child’s name, pronouns, and bathroom/locker room status at school based on gender feelings – not biological fact – and they implement this at school without parental knowledge.

“The American College of Pediatricians urges healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex.” They refer to this treatment as CHILD ABUSE! (Read full memo here.)

Why do schools feel they need to sexualize our students and make decisions that only parents should be involved in? Schools should be a place for academics, character building, and focused on preparing children for college and career.

We are truly frightened for the well-being of all the children in the public school system because they are being educated by an institution that has no regard for Parental Rights or the values and beliefs of their students’ own parents and guardians!

We pray that more parents will become aware and join us in Protecting Pasco’s Children so we can bring our school system back to reflecting the values of the community they serve through academic education and respect for Parental Rights and Students’ Safety.